The CIMALP Twin Trail 2 in 1 Trail Running Shorts

Running shorts with pockets in general are one of my absolute must-haves when it comes to having the essentials with me on every run. Whether it’s the front door key, an emergency bar, sunglasses or just the cell phone, a running backpack is often not really worth it and I’m not such a big fan of running belts. Even if the tasks “make pockets on the pants” sounds quite simple, many manufacturers do hard with it, not so CIMALP. The Twin Trail Shorts come with four pockets and all four are usable, not always self-evident.

Shirt und Shorts sind farblich durch nette Details aufeinander abgestimmt.

Processing and comfort

The Twin Trail 2 in 1 Shorts make an excellent impression at first glance and all seams are neatly sewn, flat and made of soft thread. Double seams are standard here.
The shorts consist, as the name suggests, of an inner and an outer short. The inner shorts fit snugly and give some compression to the legs. Just tight enough that it doesn’t get uncomfortable, and the pocket on the left leg reliably holds the cell phone, even though it’s open at the top. Also on the left side sits a large and deep pocket suitable for lighter items like sunglasses, a bandana or gloves.
On the right leg sits another pocket that zippers closed. On the product page of CIMALP you can see a phone in it, but I would advise against that, because the pocket is also quite wide and deep. This pocket is suitable in my eyes for bars or gels or emergency handkerchiefs.
Last but not least, the Twin Trail Shorts also have a key pocket on the lower back, which is also equipped with a zipper.
Of course, you should pay attention to the variety of pockets, what you pack in.

Cut and color concept

The Twin Trail Shorts fit close to the body, which is to be expected from a compression pant. The cut is rather a bit smaller and narrower, so CIMALP advises to buy the pants one size larger. I wear them in size L, which is also my regular pants size. So for me it fits, even though the shorts are “slim fit” and I am currently above my competition weight. To find the right size in the store, CIMALP fades in this note there. For women, there is the Twin Trail Short so not in the form, perhaps Trailrunner:innen can orient themselves somewhat on these notes or set equal to the shorts for women.

The shorts are available in gray, black and blue with pattern, whereby the compression short always comes in black and white.

French Montagnard – Ultra Light Trail Running Shirt

This original French word is the name for people who live at the very top of the mountains, where they have to cope with the most difficult weather conditions. The French Montagnard collection by CIMALP is thus intended to illustrate the attachment of the French brand to mountain sports.

Processing and comfort

The Ultra Light Trail Running Shirt is an enormously light running shirt and weighs just 95 grams in size M according to the manufacturer. My kitchen scale shows 93 grams in size L, so if you take into account measurement inaccuracies, the specifications of CIMALP fit perfectly. It is thus an ideal summer shirt or even spare shirt for longer tours, because it can be stowed in the integrated side pocket and thus really fits in any running backpack or drop bag. The workmanship is light and high quality and on the skin the touch of nothing is also good.
The SMART DRY® fabric of the Trail Shirt is breathable, quick-drying and ensures an optimal body temperature at all times. The odor-inhibiting CIMAFRESH® technology is to prevent the spread of bacteria and odors when sweating with natural silver ions.

Cut and color concept

The Ultra Light Trail Running Shirt is relatively wide cut (which is very convenient for me), offers sufficient freedom of movement and does not restrict the wearer:in. The cuffs on the arms and collar are color-contrasting and fit so well with the Twin Trail Short. The shirt is available as men’s and women’s version and different colors for 39-90 €.

My conclusion

CIMALP is a brand that I had absolutely not on the screen. The tested Twin Trail 2 in 1 Short, however, was during my test period then the most worn trail shorts from my closet. As mentioned above, I am an absolute fan of (good) 2 in 1 shorts like the one from CIMALP. The pockets sit where you expect them, are easily accessible, offer space for everything you want to have with you on an after work run and it’s comfortable too. At around €50, it’s a good investment for any trail runner who values functionality and comfort.
The Ultra Light Trail Running Shirt in the French Montagnard variant is a great addition and makes the right statement for all trail runners and mountain lovers.

Who is CIMALP actually?

CIMALP is a French company that manufactures high quality outdoor equipment. CIMALP was founded in 1964 by a passionate mountaineer and visionary. His goal, highly functional and high quality outdoor clothing for mountain sports such as hiking, trekking, running (trail running) and skiing.

CIMALP, like most outdoor companies, has recognized that sustainability is an important issue for outdoor enthusiasts and therefore uses durable and sustainable materials, according to their own statement. The clothing is also free of harmful PFC. In Germany, I have not yet seen the brand so often on the trails and have therefore requested products for testing.

How to find CIMALP on the web


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